The Heart of Counseling: Discovering and Embracing Your Authentic Self as a Therapist (Paperback)

The Heart of Counseling: Discovering and Embracing Your Authentic Self as a Therapist By Michelle Engblom-Deglmann Cover Image
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The Heart of Counseling is a poignant and transformative guide for counselors-in-training and seasoned professionals alike. Drawing from personal experiences and professional insights, Dr. Michelle unpacks the pervasive doubts and insecurities that often accompany the journey to becoming a counselor and gives hope to those wondering, "Do I belong here?"

Through heartfelt anecdotes and practical exercises, readers are guided to confront their own inner critics and embrace their authentic selves. Dr. Michelle provides a roadmap for navigating the complexities of self-discovery and professional growth, emphasizing the importance of cultivating self-compassion and resilience in the counseling profession.

This book serves as a lifeline for counselors grappling with imposter syndrome and the pressure to measure up as it reminds readers that true mastery in counseling lies not in perfection, but in the courage to show up authentically and embrace vulnerability.
"Dr. Engblom-Deglmann's book will be reassuring and encouraging to young therapists. She offers beginners understanding and permission to trust themselves. Much of the training of graduate students is academic, but this book provides therapists with an education in the heart. I recommend it for all beginning therapists."Mary Pipher, PhD, author of 11 books including Letters to a Young Therapist and 4 New York Times bestsellers including Reviving Ophelia

"Dr. Michelle masterfully walks the line of being warm, challenging, engaging and relevant."- Sean Davis, PhD, LMFT, Co-author of Family Therapy: Concepts and Methods

"Michelle will call forth the best and most beautiful part of you. And in your darkest moments she is beside you saying, 'Me too, you are not alone.'"- Tristen Collins, MA, LPC, Co-author of Why Emotions Matter

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ISBN: 9798891850668
Publisher: Hope*books
Publication Date: July 5th, 2024
Pages: 254
Language: English