Arriving to the Lighter Side of Life: The Journey and Destination (Paperback)

Arriving to the Lighter Side of Life: The Journey and Destination By A. Amalfitano Cover Image
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To those whose world has been shattered by the loss of a spouse, child, or someone important or to those dealing with a trauma from where they are unable to move one inch forward, let's journey together from the dark to the lighter side of life.

Grief and trauma are inevitable, intimately individual, and indiscriminate in length of time; however, healing from grief and trauma is an ongoing process God and King Jesus, your Savior, desire you to take. He will turn your ashes into beauty, your sadness into joy, and your brokenness into wholeness.

Sometimes in our lives, we need to know that someone has already been where we are and is willing to share their grief or trauma journey. This is not about "getting better" or feeling justified in your hurt; it is about changing, evolving, growing, and finding a purposeful life after deep grief or trauma. In this book, you are going to meet yourself, love yourself, commit to being the best version of yourself, and continue the unchained journey to reach the lighter side of life. Until you start your healing journey, your sons, daughters, grandchildren, family members, and others affected by the loss or trauma are not able to heal because they are so concerned about you

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ISBN: 9798890416490
Publisher: Trilogy Christian Publishing
Publication Date: March 26th, 2024
Pages: 162
Language: English