For Lisa: A Glimpse into forced adoption and Robot Middle class professionals.: A Secret World You Won't See (Paperback)

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I provide a different or unconventional look at the law of child adoption, a side that is never told in the secret family courts, a side never told in UK Parliament except for child adoptions of the past, a side not told by social workers, and you will never hear it in the media or from lawyers or academics in the social sciences as everyone knows their scripts and that is to just do as you're told. All these have commercial considerations as these affect employment or reputation and employment and reputation are those things which provide this modern life or keeps the economy going. There are few people who are the exceptions. The side I want to talk about is the world of adoption without consent or "forcible adoption" for being domestic abuse victims. When people mention this side of child adoption middle class people's faces distort with scorn and mockery, desperate and angry facial expression's without words necessary which are meant to convey the idea that a modern or free country could or would never do this. The book is for all those families and children who suffer in the many secret worlds that people do not see, for instance the secret world of forcible: adoption, foster care, special guardianship, and being deprived of the right to a family life or the family court version: Contact. Lisa (not real name), only about 4 or 5 years of age at the time was removed from her mum and dad to live with middle class strangers in a forcible adoption. Lisa was put in a final adoption placement for the reason that her mum was a domestic abuse victim. I so name the paper after her, 'For Lisa.' On Facebook I see faces one day of domestic abuse victim young mothers and some faces I never see again. I do not know if the young mothers have committed suicide because they have lost children to forced adoption, have been put in prison for trying to contact adopters, have been sectioned under the mental health law because they cannot cope with the loss of a child, or in hospital for physical problems but coming about through the mental strain of a child being forcibly removed. When I say forcible adoption, I also mean foster care and special guardianship as these are all related public law matters because they all have what I will call forcible cross-over in the world of forcible adoption. For me it is all related orders including the barely 16 hours a year contact for foster families. Fortunately, there is amazing support for the public law families. Lorna Sutton provides brilliant support and guidance for the public law families in terms of parental courses and can be proud of herself to know that children have been able to come home through her hard work. Catherine Love and Tanya are also part of the public family support network on Facebook, where Catherine is experienced with appeals and occasionally helps parents write professional statements, and what is fabulous amazingly did her own appeals which led to having her own child come home, and Tanya runs several Facebook group offering support. See Catherine Love, Lorna and Tanya on the website below. There are so many mothers who have suffered such as my friend Marie, and many others such as Katie, who have now both taken to public gathering by way of lawful rebellion to voice their disgust at the United Kingdom stance on forced adoption which also includes forcible foster care and forcible special guardianships as above. The new adopters and special guardians now have social services buy big properties for them for their new adopted or special guardian child but apparently haven't got any money to support the young domestic abuse victim mothers and their children stay together. There is also a post code lottery as 89% of local authorities do not support these public law families. Statistically there are some 600,000 families who suffer social services surveillance every year. Some social workers are good and have good relationships with the families. Many do not.
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Publication Date: August 1st, 2020
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