Keep Your Sexy Sacred: Win The War Between The Flesh and The Spirit (Paperback)

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"In order to heal, you must reveal. Sabrina Universal Lawton intimately shares her soul with the world to help you find resolution to the conflict between the flesh and the spirit. Her religious testimony will be like an elixir to your soul as you reflect on your own personal drama in this experience called life. As a Spiritual Advisor, she will KYSS you, heal you, and provide you with the teachings of Jesus so that you can win the battle of spiritual warfare."
T. Owens Moore, Ph.D. Chair, Department of Psychology, Clark Atlanta University

Do you feel like you are in a war between the flesh and the spirit? Are you struggling to experience true intimacy in relationships? Are you impacted by sexual misdeeds, such as adultery and porn? Have you experienced sexual abuse? Have you tried therapy or religion, yet you still have more questions than answers? Are you ready to discover the power in your pain?

No matter where you are in our world, from India to America, Africa to Korea, and places in between - sexuality, spirituality and the role of women are widely misunderstood. Globally we are suffering a moral and spiritual deficit, largely due to overly masculinized societies. The feminine characteristics of God are being forgotten and women are being reduced to objects of visual pleasure and physical stimuli; not worthy to stand on the pulpits of many prominent religions to this day.

Keep Your Sexy Sacred is a divinely anointed body of literature that provides profound insight into why man's misunderstanding of God, women, and sex is the root cause for the insanity we experience in our lives and in our world. Be it by way of religion, relationships, therapy, sex, money, oppression, or addictions; billions of people across the globe are seeking but not finding the path to their soul's deepest longings.

KYSS has been written to activate the Divine Power within women, guide men to understanding that women are their missing link to God, and to help you see life through new lenses; with 20/20 vision.

Here is some of what you will discover in this book:

- Why Lust Never Lasts And How To Evolve To Love;
- How To Stop Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places;
- Why Sex Is A Temporary High And How To Experience True Ecstasy;
- Why "Intimacy" Is Still Widely Misunderstood And What It Really Means;
- How To Dig Up Weeds, Plant New Seeds And Bear Good Fruit In Your Life;
- How To Release Guilt, Shame, Pain And Feelings Of Unworthiness
- The Real Meaning Of The Original Sin;
- How To Recognize Wolves In Sheep's Clothing;
- A New Way of Understanding God;
- And MANY MORE Divinely Inspired Truths That Will Set You Free

Speaker, Author and Spiritual Advisor, Sabrina Universal Lawton (SUL) shines a bright light in the darkness, safely guiding you to the luminous path of God's Love. As you journey with SUL from pain to power and lust to love, you will find yourself traveling through your own story. This time, you will see your entire life through new lenses; with 20/20 vision

If you love books like Woman Thou Art Loosed by TD Jakes, then you'll love Keep Your Sexy Sacred.

If you're ready for deep sexual and spiritual healing, then click the Buy Now button and let's get this journey started Partake of this spiritual food and receive the spiritual solutions you need to change His-Story by rewriting Her-Story in the "image and likeness of God".

Sealed with a KYSS

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ISBN: 9798650725558
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2020
Pages: 210
Language: English