Walking the Mystical Path of Jesus (Paperback)

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The teachings in this book have helped hundreds of thousands of people gain a deeper appreciation for the mystical path that Jesus taught to his disciples 2000 years ago, the path towards union with God, a state of mind beyond most people's highest dreams. TODAY MANY PEOPLE HAVE trouble discovering the small, easy and practical steps towards a state of consciousness that is beyond human conflicts and pitfalls. In this book the ascended master Jesus describes how to start walking the mystical path that will eventually restore our most natural ability: the direct experience of God within ourselves. This book empowers you to discover your personal path and make steady progress towards peace of mind and an inner, mystical experience of God. Inspiring and profound, this enlightening book contains questions and answers that are easy to read and that help you walk the mystical path of Jesus. You will learn how to: -Use the cosmic mirror to speed up your growth -Get out of old reactionary patterns -Become free from difficult situations and guilt -Control your mind -Leave behind a painful past -Open your heart to the flow of love from within -Heal the wounds in your psychology.
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ISBN: 9789949518258
ISBN-10: 9949518253
Publisher: More to Life Publishing
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2013
Pages: 270
Language: English