When Cars Decide to Kill: Time for Software Safety Laws (Paperback)

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NEVERMIND self-driving cars. Your car -- today -- is a computer on wheels with up to 100 million lines of software code. When a software glitch happens, it can become an out of control missile that could hurtle you to your death. Worse, just about every car on the road today can be hacked -from anywhere in the world. All someone needs is an iPad and a connection to a cellular network. Even though people have died on our roads because of defective software, there are currently no software safety laws. This situation needs more than a reboot. It needs a whole new approach. Why? For one thing, if your car careens out of control because of software errors, it will be you who will have to prove it wasn't your fault. And how can you do that? When Cars Decide to Kill has been written to help you understand what you can do to protect yourself and how we can make car software safer. Written by an international software test expert in a friendly, conversational tone, When Cars Decide to Kill will help you understand what we need to do to regulate an industry that very much needs regulating. NOW.
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ISBN: 9781988470030
ISBN-10: 198847003X
Publisher: Ethi-Teque Inc.
Publication Date: September 21st, 2016
Pages: 200
Language: English