Radical Confidence: 10 No-BS Lessons on Becoming the Hero of Your Own Life (Hardcover)

Radical Confidence: 10 No-BS Lessons on Becoming the Hero of Your Own Life By Lisa Bilyeu Cover Image
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An “unfiltered and unafraid” (Marie Forleo, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Everything is Figureoutable) guide to building the kind of confidence it really takes to live the life of your dreams, from Impact Theory cofounder and growth mindset guru Lisa Bilyeu.

Author Lisa Bilyeu grew up in London, where she was always told her dreams of Hollywood were a little too big for a girl. Despite her first love of movie-making, Lisa moved to Los Angeles and became a housewife—for eight frikin’ years! How the heck did that happen?

Radical Confidence is the “empowering, transformative, and practical” (Jay Shetty, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Think Like A Monk) story of how Lisa unpaused her life to cofound a company that went from zero to a billion dollars in just five years and became the leader in the world of personal development. Transforming herself with a growth mindset, Lisa learned to face her insecurities and inadequacies, embrace new challenges, solve her own problems, tell her negative voice to shut the eff up, and become the hero of her own life by life-hacking her way to feeling confident.

Part deeply personal memoir, part guide to life, Radical Confidence “challenges the deep-rooted beliefs that prevent so many of us from knowing or reaching for our dreams” (Dr. Nicole Lepera, New York Times bestselling author of How to Do the Work). Lisa teaches you how to:
-Dream big
-Boost your confidence
-Toughen the F up
-And learn how to save yourself

Full of insight and practical tools for honest self-assessment, mastering emotions, and staying motivated, Radical Confidence teaches you how to be driven by your insecurities to create the life of your dreams.

About the Author

Lisa Bilyeu is cofounder of the billion-dollar company Quest Nutrition and cofounder and President of Impact Theory. She is the host of Women of Impact, a show featuring women who have overcome incredible hardship to achieve massive success. Her mission is to empower all women to become the heroes of their own lives.

Praise For…

"If you appreciate an unfiltered and straightforward book that will motivate you to level up, this one is perfect for you... Confidence can be learned, and Lisa reinforces that you can accept yourself the way you are and lean into what you truly want to create the most amazing future." –Forbes 

“Unfiltered and unafraid, Radical Confidence is the perfect book for anyone who wants to finally reach the success they’ve always dreamed about.” 

—Marie Forleo, author of the #1 NY Times bestseller Everything is Figureoutable

"In her book Radical Confidence, Lisa challenges the deep rooted beliefs that prevent so many of us from knowing or reaching for our own dreams. Lisa shares her raw and honest journey, with a healthy dose of humor, to inspire us all to find our own inner purpose and power. She provides the practical tools to help anyone feel empowered to create a life they truly desire. If you want a roadmap on how to get started creating Radical Confidence in your life this book is for you!"

—Dr. Nicole Lepera, The Holistic Psychologist and author of New York Times bestselling How to Do the Work

“This powerful book gives you the tools you can apply to your life right now to gain real, radical confidence. Through Lisa sharing her raw, candid and inspiring journey, she not only empowers you to believe in the possibility of your own dreams, she teaches you how to become the hero of your own life too!” —Jamie Kern Lima, New York Times bestselling author, Believe IT & Founder of IT Cosmetics

"Radical Confidence is just the book to cheer and galvanize you when life feels hard and your dreams unattainable. Lisa Bilyeu’s sparkle and drive shine through every paragraph. She can spur you on, fire you up, and help you regain the conviction that anything is possible." —Martha Beck, New York Times bestselling author

"Lisa Bilyeu inspires so much confidence in others and this book is a blueprint for a stronger, happier, more authentic life. No matter how you currently feel about yourself, about life, or about your future, get ready for change and a whole new understanding of what’s possible for you! A must read for a more confident life!” —Brendon Burchard, #1 New York Times bestselling author 



"Lisa Bilyeu is a phenomenal storyteller. Her ability to reflect on her own past experiences and translate them into empowering, transformative and practical insights will provide readers the toolkit they need to build the lives they want."    —Jay Shetty #1 New York Times bestselling author of Think Like A Monk 

"People unconsciously judge you on the level of confidence they detect in you. Your success depends on this quality and Lisa has distilled the art of having and projecting this aura into ten highly practical lessons. A must-read for anyone hungry for power in this world.” —Robert Greene, New York Times bestselling author of The 48 Laws of Power

"If radical confidence scares you - good. YOU need this book. Lisa will push you through the fears that hold you back and show you that you are the only hero you need. 
The life of your dreams is within your reach. Lisa gives you the step by step guide to being the hero you need right now. 
Must read. Smart. Fun. Actionable. There’s a superhero inside you - Lisa will help you learn to fly. "
—Mel Robbins, New York Times bestselling author and award-winning Podcast Host
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