Ridiculous and Ill-Advised (Paperback)

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Dropout culture is on full display in this wild trip into the hinterlands, the story of America during one of its greatest decades, the 90s.

At once hilarious and crazed, lyrical and absurd, hopeful and fantastical, Ridiculous and Ill-Advised drops us into the world of DIY 1990s, where drugged-out skateboarders, radicalized demolition derby gods, and wild fairie artists grapple with the universal mysteries of love and economy, the possibility of success at making a living on their own terms.

Taking acid, writing garbage screenplays, skating pools, and playing in experimental noise bands. That was me before I met The Family. Then I was accidentally kidnapped from the parking lot of a rock concert after having sex in an ancient school bus with a strange beast. I'd been kidnapped, but also - I'd escaped. With no home base and no fixed point in space, we drifted from town to town and state to state, a rogue gang of 'curb painters' on a madcap ride down the backroads, to that world hiding out behind the strip malls where dumpsters are still full of magic and me, a young monster desperately trying to become just one thing: a filmmaker...

"...a constantly surprising experience, even when the adventure tilts towards the fantastic, the journey is unassailably authentic. An inventive, genuine trip that whips across every page with reckless momentum. But be warned There's a strong current of moving, meaningful insight running just beneath the electrifying madness in these pages." -Matt O'Connell, Screenwriter

"Sort of Dazed and Confused tries to pass the acid test and fails. For those seeking insight into the outsider culture of today's youth, this might be a good choice." -George Walker, Merry Prankster

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ISBN: 9781957917221
ISBN-10: 1957917229
Publisher: Glass Spider Publishing
Publication Date: December 12th, 2022
Pages: 216
Language: English