Tears of Love (Paperback)

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I believe life presents opportunities to help us grow and learn through our own circumstances and through the stories and experiences of others. Our story includes the death of our son, Benjamin, by suicide. I know, it's the "S" word, one we'd rather stay away from. But what if instead of hiding from this topic or trying to protect your kids and staying away from this topic, you were given the opportunity to hear a story firsthand-our story-and learn from it? Are we doing the best we can to educate and protect our loved ones? Is the subject of suicide avoided because we don't think it will happen or because we're afraid it will?

Talk about suicide; it could save a life. I wish I would have talked with my son about suicide. We pray, however, that this book is meant to serve you. It does just that, whether you're the one struggling or you're helping a loved one who is struggling.

Tears of Love offers insight into lessons learned on my journey and why this book came to be. I share how my family came to deal with Benjamin's unexpected plan, how I am still in recovery-and always will be-and how his unanticipated action birthed a new and unexpected mission for my life.

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ISBN: 9781955656665
ISBN-10: 1955656665
Publisher: Little Creek Press
Publication Date: November 17th, 2023
Pages: 242
Language: English