The True History of Sun Sign Astrology (Paperback)

The True History of Sun Sign Astrology By Kim Farnell Cover Image
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This is the unabridged story of Sun sign astrology. It's the sort of astrology that makes up the daily horoscope columns in newspapers and magazines, and leads to people believing that there are twelve types of people, described by their zodiac signs. Plenty of histories of astrology go into the details of thousands of years of astrological practice and theory, highlighting famous practitioners, placing them in their historical context and describing their techniques, but they rarely mention Sun sign astrology, which has its own exciting history. This book takes a different approach. In the West, popular and mass market astrology is mostly regarded as Sun sign astrology, and it goes back a lot further than most people realise. This book is a whistle stop tour of Sun sign astrology from the ancient days of Mesopotamia, via popular magazines of the post-war days to the more modern columns as we know them now - and coming slap bang up to date with an astrology app. This is the true story of Sun sign astrology.

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ISBN: 9781910531709
ISBN-10: 1910531707
Publisher: Wessex Astrologer
Publication Date: June 10th, 2022
Pages: 274
Language: English