The Seven Stages of The Soul: The ultimate guide for all souls on the journey of life (Paperback)

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The Seven Stages of The Soul is a must-read for anyone that is seeking answers to our deepest questions about who we are, why we are here and what is our purpose. Weaving together aspects of mythology, the tarot, chakra healing, ancient wisdom and eastern mysticism the book takes the reader on a journey to the heart of who we truly are as immortal spiritual beings on a quest to find truth, contentment, fulfilment and inner wisdom.

The book clearly explains with extraordinary clarity and detail why every single one of us has to experience and live through seven specific stages of life in order to move from a state of spiritual innocence to spiritual maturity and from ignorance to enlightenment.

Based on life-long research into the spiritual realms as well as first-hand direct experience, this book provides unique, refreshing, insightful and informative answers to all seekers of wisdom on the journey of life.


"This important book represents the distillation of a lifetime's reading, reflection and experience in providing wise guidance for discerning readers who are looking for a more profound understanding of the meaning of our spiritual journey in life. Written in a simple and accessible style, Joe's book provides frameworks and approaches that enable us to see the deeper patterns in our close relationships and the underlying significance of our intentions as life presents us with just those situations best suited to our stage of learning and unfoldment. An illuminating and insightful read."-David Lorimer, Programme Director, Scientific and Medical Network (SMN) and Editor of Paradigm Explorer

"The authenticity and integrity of Seven Steps is grounded in the author's own life-long and soul-long journey of inner and outer discovery. In revealing a quest that whilst unique to everyone, yet common to all, the book is a beautifully clear, practical, compassionate and wise companion. As 'spiritual beings having a human experience' it offers a map of the territory we all traverse; offering a guiding light, step by step, of our way towards the eventual home-coming of our soul."-Dr Jude Currivan, Cosmologist, Co-founder of "Whole World-View" and Author of The Cosmic Hologram

"Seventh heaven awaits those who read and heed Joe St. Clair's latest book The Seven Stages of The Soul. It is a marvellous masterful integration of powerful time-honoured spiritual wisdom that nourishes the soul with a feast of information in its quest to find truth. This wonderful book is truly unique, unlike any other I have read on the subject. It offers a fresh approach to enlightenment in clear, concise and practical language, making it an invaluable resource for seekers aspiring to successfully navigate the path to divine illumination. I highly recommend it."-John R. Audette, MS, President & CEO, Eternea, Inc. and Founder, International Association for Near-Death Studies, Inc.

"A refreshing and informative book that cuts right to the heart of spirituality by exploring the soul-path we all have to undertake. Essential reading for those interested in living a more purposeful and fulfilling life as well as an enjoyable and stimulating read full of wisdom and insight."-Giles Hutchins, Adviser, Speaker, Chair of "The Future Fit Leadership Academy" and Author of The Illusion of Separation

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ISBN: 9781838166601
ISBN-10: 1838166602
Publisher: Pecoraro Sullivan Publishing Company
Publication Date: August 27th, 2021
Pages: 254
Language: English