The Suicide Prevention Guidebook: How to Support Someone Who Is Having Suicidal Feelings (Paperback)

The Suicide Prevention Guidebook: How to Support Someone Who Is Having Suicidal Feelings By Joy Hibbins Cover Image
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In this comprehensive guidebook, Joy Hibbins (the founder of an award-winning Suicide Crisis Centre which has attracted international attention) shares her invaluable experience of helping people through suicidal crisis.

Equally popular with the public and professionals, the book provides the reader with strategies and skills to help someone through a period of suicidal crisis.

Whether you have never helped someone in crisis before, or you already have an abundance of experience, this book is relevant for you.

The charity that Joy runs (Suicide Crisis) regularly provides suicide prevention training for the NHS, the British Transport Police and charities.

This book will show you how to:

  • Understand the complexity of suicidal feelings and what may lead to a crisis
  • Be aware of factors that can increase someone's risk of suicide
  • Assess risk and directly ask someone about suicidal thoughts
  • Build empathy and a strong connection with the individual in crisis
  • Create a safety plan
  • Learn strategies and skills to help someone survive (in the short-term and the longer term)
  • Learn techniques to support someone who is experiencing intense distress - or conversely someone who is silent and withdrawn
  • Create manageable steps to help someone survive
  • Know what to say, including how to help someone see their own worth
  • Understand why some people experience multiple crises and how to help them

All royalties donated to the charity Suicide Crisis.

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