Impact of Psychological Aspects on Performance of Indian Boxers (Paperback)

Impact of Psychological Aspects on Performance of Indian Boxers By Kulwinder Mahi Cover Image
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Boxing is a fight back game played all over the world. The history of this game looks more exciting and the contribution of people gets improvedday by day. It is a striking game which has been found in Ancient Greek period. Boxing is played by two numbers of players where public fight, knocks each other on precisemethod. The foundation of boxing was foundin the Ancient Greek period and soon after that by ancient Romans. It was found that during that period they had sports called pugilism which is also referred as boxing. This type of sports event was supposed to be more acknowledgedand majority of the people are more inclined in developing the ability and knowledge in the field. Professional trainers were exercised to offer training and due to the attention of people, it was widelyincreasearound the world. People inhabited in game through by fighting each other with their fists and hands. Contended training is required to players to perform effectively and technically.

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