The Parousia: A Critical Inquiry into the New Testament Doctrine of Our Lord Christ's Second Coming (Paperback)

The Parousia: A Critical Inquiry into the New Testament Doctrine of Our Lord Christ's Second Coming By James Stuart Russell Cover Image
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The Parousia is a New Testament commentary by James Stuart Russell, wherein the authority attempts to clarify and explain aspects of prophecy explained in the Gospels and elsewhere in the NT.

The term 'Parousia' is derived from a Greek word meaning simply, 'a coming' or 'a presence'. In the context of the Bible and Christianity, it refers to the return of Jesus Christ as a core prophecy of the New Testament scripture. It is by investigating all of this material that James Russell seeks to make clear what exactly the Bible predicts and what specifically believers may expect in the future, and what aspects of the prophecy have already occurred in the distant past.

Exhaustively researched and painstakingly compiled, Russell's thesis is lengthy and split into three parts: firstly, he analyses the four Gospels of Christ, secondly, he examines the Acts of the Apostles, and lastly, he looks at the Book of Revelation and the visions therein. No detail is spared from the author's learned gaze, with aspects of the Bible lore clarified and explained. For his part, Russell believed that most aspects of the Bible prophecy have already been fulfilled in history - only certain passages of Revelation have not yet corresponded to real world events.

Quoting and narrating the Biblical passages at length, Russell efforts to clarify are not in vain - at the time this work was first published in the 1870s, then edited and republished in the 1880s, the reaction was one of praise. Christians, for whom the Bible's words and ideas had hitherto been a mystery, at last had a book to consult whose wisdom was soundly supported by the very words of the Holy Bible. It is thus with a measure of joy that the publisher presents this new reprint, which unites all three parts of Russell's work in one volume.

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