The Jerusalem Files: The Secret Journey of the Menorah to Oak Island (Paperback)

The Jerusalem Files: The Secret Journey of the Menorah to Oak Island By Corjan Mol, Christopher Morford Cover Image
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A non-fiction Da Vinci Code for the 21st century, this thrilling treasure hunt traces the voyage of the legendary Jewish Menorah from the Jerusalem of the Knights Templar through France, Portugal and North America, providing mind-blowing history and mystery for fans of The Curse of Oak Island.

The Jewish Menorah is one of the world’s most sacred artefacts, a man-size lampstand with seven arms, made from a single block of gold, that is an iconic symbol for the Jewish people. King Solomon placed it in the inner sanctum of the Temple of Jerusalem, but by the 5th century AD, all trace of it had disappeared from the official record, and it was assumed lost.

Two historical researchers, Corjan Mol and Christopher Morford, now reveal the astounding secret of what happened to the Menorah. Through their meticulous research as well as a jaw-dropping stroke of luck, Mol and Morford discovered that the Menorah was dug up from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in the time of the Crusades by the Knights Templar and smuggled to France with the help of the French King Louis IX. From there it was taken to Portugal, to end up in North America after interventions by Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. The secret was hidden in plain sight in both France and North America, on a scale so big that it took 800 years for it to be discovered.

About the Author

Corjan Mol is a Dutch entrepreneur and historical researcher, who has featured in several TV documentaries, including BBC’s Forbidden History series. He is a researcher, theorist and associate of the #1 rated American cable reality TV show The Curse of Oak Island seasons 7–10.

Christopher Morford is a Mason, Gnostic Bishop, entrepreneur and esoteric researcher from South Carolina, who was a featured theorist on The Curse of Oak Island in season 7 and 8.
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