Responsibilities Then Rights (Hardcover)

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Human Rights should be a 'Touchstone' identifier, not a hammer. Currently they can and are used wrongly, as is the whole madhouse of Political Correctness. Individuals and society need to understand the benefits of Responsible Responsive Democracy rather than have to suffer the Rights PC garrotting of thought and idea, with all the realities of such processes. Is individualism to become a crime? Are thoughts to become only those which have been allowed by a self-appointed thought-police, with all others kept hidden? Do we have a real democracy with education to advance the individual, or a Corporate State's Absolutist demands? With all clear responsibilities to immigrants, each immigrant has responsibilities as a new member of any nation. Who actually is becoming the victim, and why? Which expectations matter? Responsibilities act beyond any mere rule or regulation, being circumstance-dependant and informed by common threads of standards, inner understanding, and empathetic response. For a positive future, how we decide to bring up our children is crucial as is the message of how we treat our elderly and those at risk. Belief systems can be a support here without intentional political power. Thoughtful respect benefits and unifies. Manners cost nothing but show all the difference. This book disagrees that any person has full rights irrespective of what they do in and to our society. Fixing words on paper cannot fix meaning and so implications. Such ideas are simply that and relevant to existing conditions. Fixed words dangerously allow some to exercise a form of escapism while for others they advance their ambition through blaming and causing harm.

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ISBN: 9781773022000
ISBN-10: 1773022008
Publisher: Robin Howat
Publication Date: September 2nd, 2016
Pages: 602
Language: English