Connection: The Discovery of a Soul System (Paperback)

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Connection: The Discovery of a Soul System tells the true story of two men, brought together through synchronicity, who embark on a project to communicate with a mind from beyond our physical world. Connection follows Brough Perkins, a psychic medium who has appeared regularly in Canadian mainstream media, and paranormal experimenter John Topp, as they forge a bond and open the door to a new endeavour in mediumistic contact. Through these encounters, the reader is given access to extraordinary insights from a non-physical entity, on the nature of evolution, relationships, and the spirit realm, as well as sketches of a future for humanity as a space travelling race. As the relationship develops, the voice, speaking through Perkins and in dialogue with Topp, reveals an identity connecting it to the ancient history of our world.

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ISBN: 9781771804738
ISBN-10: 1771804734
Publisher: Iguana Books
Publication Date: May 24th, 2021
Pages: 266
Language: English