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The Future is here, IR4.0 business transformation for value creation book helps CXO of large enterprise aspiring to transform into Business 4.0, through sharing a practically and scientifically proven refence architecture and best practices so they can be ahead of the curve and increase the bottom line. The book has three parts, part one is an introduction, which explains what is IR1,2,3 and IR4.0. It also includes the reference architecture, digital twin, which can help every industry to digitally upgrade their business into IR4.0. The second part is about the technology behind the IR4.0, being the intelligent connectivity, 5G, AI and cloud 2.0. this section explains the technology and give real business use cases and reference cases in a simple business language. The third part is about the intelligent business applications of IR4.0 for value creation. It includes both the explanation of the application and shares successful stories of customers who have implemented these solutions across the globe, in the USA, China, Europe, ME and Africa. There is one full chapter for each industry including, Smart government, Intelligent Oil and Gas, Smart utilities, smart transportation, and digital banking.
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ISBN: 9781761240133
ISBN-10: 1761240137
Publisher: Passionpreneur Publishing
Publication Date: January 5th, 2022
Pages: 236
Language: English