Do You Hear My Voice?: Discovering Jessica Again (Paperback)

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Is love eternal?

Imagine waking up from a dream about trusting your heart and having a spirit introduced herself as your guide. Later you discover that you are actually eternally connected to her through a bond of love that is not easily described or understood in earthly terms. The book is the personal tale of the author's spiritual awakening. It is also the story of how he left his conservative religious upbringing only to much later learn that love is greater than any force on earth. Sometimes, love can be so powerful that it allows a soul on the other side of the veil to reach through and help course correct when life on this earth is headed in the wrong direction.

When we come into this life, we carry with us on a soul level a definite set of plans for everything we want to accomplish, the obstacles we want to overcome, and the ones whom we have promised to help along the way. Because we cannot directly access those plans and are learning to assimilate into our new lives, finding our soul path is complicated. For some, the understanding of purpose comes very quickly. Others must spend years clearing out the clutter accumulated as they learned to survive in their environment. Once the energy begins to clear, and we strip away everything, we realize that only love is left.

This book is about love and how it can change even the most lost souls, for it is love that powers the Universe.

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ISBN: 9781737005407
ISBN-10: 1737005409
Publisher: Geminae LLC
Publication Date: May 11th, 2021
Pages: 168
Language: English