The Heart of a Warrior: Before You Can Become the Warrior You Must Become the Beloved Son (Paperback)

The Heart of a Warrior: Before You Can Become the Warrior You Must Become the Beloved Son By Michael Thompson Cover Image
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Men have a glorious and significant role in God's larger story. They also are the target of a special warfare aimed continually and ruthlessly at the center of their being: their masculine hearts. Naivety and ignorance keep many men running in circles while misinformation and poor training keep many more in bondage. Men are wounded, frustrated, angry, and being crushed under the weight of criticism and expectations. The attempted solutions of recent years have been through mere education: Tell men what they are doing wrong and give them a list to memorize. This strategy isn't working, and it's time we fall back to an ancient one.What if we are setting men up for failure rather than helping them be free? This is a book about being a "Beloved Son", "receiving love" from God, and the affect that should have in settling a man's heart. Then, and only then, is the foundation set for a man to enter the "Battle".From the introduction, Thompson shares his thoughts: "I hope to one day see the hearts of men so foundationally settled, so well-trained, so well-equipped, and so well-engaged that when evil dare raise its head, Beloved Sons/Warrior men will know what to do and will do it well."Join Christian author and guide, Michael Thompson, as he invites men to a place of training and orientation that will ensure both a settled heart and a fierce courage. A man cannot enter this battle without knowing he is a "Beloved Son". After all, that is what the battle is all about Michael is the founder of Zoweh Ministries and author of Search and Rescue: The Life and Love That Is Looking for You.
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ISBN: 9781735005102
ISBN-10: 173500510X
Publisher: Zoweh, Inc
Publication Date: May 11th, 2020
Pages: 274
Language: English