Davenport's Florida Wills And Estate Planning Legal Forms (Paperback)

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This book is written by attorneys and published by Davenport Press. This book in one convenient place quickly reviews Florida law and provides ready to use legal forms to make legally binding Wills and Estate Planning documents. Wills and Estate Planning deal with acting now to control upon later illness, death, or absence things like health care, end of life issues, transfers of property and money, family, funeral and burial, sharing power with someone trusted to let them help, and more. Ready to use Florida legal forms are in this book and can be downloaded free. Forms with helpful filled-out samples include:
(1) Last Will And Testament (With Guardians) (lets one give orders to on death gift property and money, say less costly procedures can be used, pick person as executor to do things after death, and in case needed pick guardians for minors and their property till age 18);
(2) Last Will And Testament (No Guardians) (this is a Will with no Guardians paragraph for those without a child under 18 and not giving major things to anyone under 18);
(3) Self-Proving Affidavit (often done with a Will to help the later process of proving a Will was signed correctly, and this makes it more likely a Will is followed);
(4) Tangible Personal Property List (lets person easily write down outside a Will wanted gifts of "tangible personal property" like clothes, furniture, tools, cars, and jewelry);
(5) Living Will (lets one say if ever in extreme bad health that health care of little help should not be given, and if wanted lets a person be named "surrogate" to control this);
(6) Health Care Surrogate (lets person be named as "surrogate" to control all health care not just extreme situations, and also if wanted lets orders for health care be given);
(7) Do Not Resuscitate Order (often called a D.N.R this form shows paramedics and others not to try restarting the heart or breathing which is called C.P.R.);
(8) Final Wishes (lets orders about funeral, burial, and related matters be given);
(9) Codicil (lets one make changes to an existing Will, but most just do a new Will);
(10) Durable Power Of Attorney (also called "Financial Power Of Attorney" lets power over money, property, and more be shared with someone so they can do things); and
(11) Power Of Attorney Of Parent (lets parent give power over a child like over medical care, school, and home matters, to a person to help when child is away from parents).
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