End of Life Planning Workbook: Shit You'll Need When I'm Gone: Makes Sure All Your Important Information in One Easy-to-Find Place (Paperback)

End of Life Planning Workbook: Shit You'll Need When I'm Gone: Makes Sure All Your Important Information in One Easy-to-Find Place By Donald E. Davis Cover Image
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Loved Ones are Devastated When You're Gone. Leave the Gift of Your Important Information All Kept in One Place.
"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now." Alan Lakein

Steve's Story
Steve has been married for 48 years. He always handled the household bills, and took care of all the banking, real estate and retirement accounts. But since his unexpected death, his wife, Linda, is overwhelmed. Of course she's grieving over Steve's passing. But, on top of that, She has absolutely no idea what bills need to paid, or even, when they are due.

Mary's Story
On the other side of town, 81-year-old Mary lives alone. After a long battle with a chronic heart condition, Mary comfortably passed away. Even though her two daughters live across the country, they were able to handle their mom's estate with much less grief. That's because, many years ago Mary had saved all her vital information in one convenient place.

Preparing and Organizing Important Information for the Future

Death is sure to happen. Yet, with proper planning, you can save your family a lot of hassle at a time when they have more than enough pain and grief to deal with.

Long before she finally succumbed to her illness, Mary recorded all her vital information in one place and told her daughters where it could be found.

She gave them names, contact information, account numbers, financial information, instructions for pets, messages for friends and next-of-kin. Everything she thought her heirs needed to know.

On the other hand, Steve always managed all the household money matters. And, he never had discussions about them with Linda.

No one but Steve knew where to find life insurance policies, deeds to real estate, or even who to talk to about the retirement accounts.

Steve never expected that his wife would some day have to take over. His lack of planning has made a tough job even tougher for Linda.

The End of Life Planning Workbook is valuable, helpful, and it covers everything your family will need to know upon your passing. Which makes it so much easier for your loved ones to settle your affairs.

  • Personal Information
  • Information about Work/Business
  • Military Service
  • My Children
  • Who to Call
  • Attorney
  • Doctors
  • Family & Friends
  • Documents You Will Need & Location
  • My Will is Located
  • My Living Will is Located
  • The Family Trust is Located
  • My Power of Attorney is Located
  • My Advanced Directive is Located
  • My Health Care Power of Attorney is Located
  • Other Documents are Located
  • Household Information
  • Utilities
  • Creditors
  • Subscription Services
  • Social Circle
  • Memberships & Charities
  • Social Information
  • Social Networking Sites
  • My Idea of Final Arrangements
  • Note to Those Left Behind
  • Regrets & Things That Have Bugged Me
  • Proudest Moments
  • Lessons Learned
  • Apologies
  • Aspirations for Others
  • Choices for My Last Days
  • Facts You May Not Have Known
  • Notes and Updates

Imagine the solace and peace of mind for your loved ones, knowing that you cared enough to record all your important information in one convenient book for them. Saving them from all sorts of grief and anguish.

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