Economic Logic, Sixth Edition (Paperback)

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In Economic Logic, Mark Skousen offers a step-by-step approach to economics showing how microeconomics and macroeconomics are logically linked together.

The fully revised sixth edition introduces a major breakthrough in macroeconomics: a "top line" in national income accounting called Gross Output. Also included: a powerful four-stage universal model of the economy, a new "growth" diagram, a new diagram of the optimal size of government, and new alternatives to the standard Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand curves. Economic Logic is also the first and only textbook to begin with a profit-and-loss income statement to demonstrate the dynamics of the economy. To aid students in comprehending the economic lessons, many other disciplines are integrated into the study of economics, including finance, business, marketing, management, history, and sociology.

About the Author

Mark Skousen has been editor in chief of the investment newsletter Forecasts & Strategies since 1980. He was an analyst for the CIA, a columnist to Forbes magazine, chairman of Investment U, past president of the Foundation for Economic Education, and the producer of FreedomFest.
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ISBN: 9781684514427
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Publisher: Regnery Capital
Publication Date: January 2nd, 2024
Pages: 730
Language: English