One Student At A Time: A Teacher's Journey (Hardcover)

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One Student at a Time is a memoir of my extraordinary teaching career including some of my incredible and memorable life experiences. My adventures in teaching and life are a roller-coaster ride of failures, successes, frustrations, and pure joy.

The purpose of this book is to take the reader with me on my forty-seven-year journey in and out of the classroom, from inner-city New York to the Bay Area, California, and from junior high school all the way up to a four-year university and everything in between.

Those who have experienced the wonders of teaching will be able to relate to the ups and downs inherent in being a successful teacher at an inner-city school. Those who have never had this opportunity will be amazed by these life-changing moments. There are numerous compelling and captivating stories including my first day in front of a classroom which may have you rolling on the floor with laughter and my witnessing of a classroom miracle which reshapes the life of Michael, a seventh-grade student, forever. Have a tissue ready.

You will also read about Jacque Dawes, the toughest kid in the school, who undergoes a 180-degree transformation only to have a devastating ending. Then there's Dorothy whose own tragic past keeps her from becoming the student she is meant to be. There are also the heartwarming and inspiring stories about Dirk and Patricia who, against all odds, overcame their fears and setbacks and found a way to fulfill their dreams. And get ready to laugh out loud while reading about my appearance on the Wheel of Fortune, where I tell an outrageous lie in order to get on the TV show and then I go on to win three consecutive airings.

As a writer and a storyteller, I want my readers to feel the raw emotions that I felt when these stories happened. Here are some of the responses that I received by those who have already read my book: "I felt as if I was not reading a book but that you were talking directly to me" and "You found a way to make me feel as if I was in the classroom with you."

I hope you enjoy the ride.

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Publication Date: April 28th, 2021
Pages: 208
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