Sith Academy: Masters of the Will (Nine Echelons of Sith Mastery #2) (Paperback)

Sith Academy: Masters of the Will (Nine Echelons of Sith Mastery #2) Cover Image
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This is book number 2 in the Nine Echelons of Sith Mastery series.


This is the second book from Sith Academy, a dark side school founded by the first real Sith Order on this planet. The writings and exercises contained in this book are designed to strengthen your Willpower and inspire your Will - the second requirements of all would-be Dark Lords.

This book will reveal more about inner nature of the Sith Path, Sith Mind and Sith Will, to guide Acolytes on their quest to becoming darker and more powerful beings. It contains the second Echelon in our "Nine Echelons of Sith Mastery" training program, which are nine levels of training that will test your powers of mind and body to command yourself, the Force, and the world around you. It profiles several great Masters of the Will from this planet's history to inspire greatness in the Acolyte, and contains praxis exercises designed to put power theories to the test.

This book also reveals more about the Dark Lords' vision of the coming Sith Empire, and the means by which they will conquer this planet and spread their dark religion. It contains a radical new concept called D gz, which shall become the seeds of the Empire.

Whether you are a dedicated disciple of the Sith Path, are looking to strengthen your Will, or are simply curious about the new way of life Sith Academy is bringing to this planet, you will find this book indispensable. Read Sith Academy: Masters of the Will and be endarkened, empowered, and one step closer to the summit of Sith

Product Details
ISBN: 9781644676455
ISBN-10: 1644676451
Publisher: Dark Lords
Publication Date: October 10th, 2018
Pages: 168
Language: English
Series: Nine Echelons of Sith Mastery