The 20 Laws that Govern the Financial Anointing (Paperback)

The 20 Laws that Govern the Financial Anointing By Jonathan Shuttlesworth, Jesse Duplantis (Foreword by) Cover Image
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Unlock the Hidden Path to Abundance and Prosperity in " The 20 Laws that Govern the Financial Anointing " by Jonathan Shuttlesworth

If you care about your own life, your family, and the lives of others, it's time to embrace the laws that govern the financial anointing. Pastor, teacher, and evangelist, Jonathan Shuttlesworth uses insights from the lives of Elijah and Jesus to tap into the supernatural force that governs money and provision. Just as science, thermodynamics, and health are governed by laws, the financial anointing is governed by its own powerful laws.

The power of the Holy Ghost can transform every aspect of your life, including finances. There is a divine anointing that remains untapped by many-a force so powerful it can supernaturally attract wealth and prosperity. Whether you are a minister seeking to impact thousands with your message or an individual desiring to fulfill your divine calling, the laws revealed in this book will empower you to dream big and achieve even bigger.

Jonathan Shuttlesworth sheds light on the timeless principles that govern supernatural wealth attraction. With his conversational and friendly style, he walks you through 20 powerful laws that will propel you toward financial success, ensuring you are not just surviving but thriving in fulfilling your God-given purpose.

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ISBN: 9781644573365
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Publisher: Rise Up Publications
Publication Date: September 12th, 2023
Pages: 260
Language: English