Interview With A Sasquatch: The Paranormal Side (Hardcover)

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Sherri Decker started this saga by innocently looking for Bigfoot since she had seen him prior to this adventure. She knew nothing about this creature and only chose this activity due to a lack of funds in their bank. It was meant to be a fun excursion that was affordable and enjoyable since both she and her spouse both enjoyed the mountain scenery. They never expected to not only find him or them but actually also have interaction with them. They found themselves digging deeper down the rabbit hole and found themselves in Wonderland. They found friends, truth, answers, meaning, and love with each and every trip that they made. She never expected to find such truth, honesty, and friendship as they had earned throughout this year. You must understand that they knew nothing before they started, and now they have more answers than the average human can process. Her new friend Kitty taught her much, and even today, a year later, they are still in awe over their abilities.

This book is an accounting of that journey. She intends to continue communicating with Kitty and his family and have acquired a decent camera for the future and improved photography skills. She now knows that their race is not as difficult to photograph as our race had made it out to be. They want to know them, and if they run into one of them, please remember they are humans of a hirer frequency than they are. They exist, and they love. They protect, and they hope. They want us to be part of their family. She wants to go home to her family.

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ISBN: 9781636923703
ISBN-10: 1636923704
Publisher: Newman Springs Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: April 6th, 2021
Pages: 108
Language: English