Never Let the Meat Touch the Metal (Paperback)

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What makes a hero? Is it an individual who does things above and beyond the call of duty or is it someone who just keeps sticking his big fat nose into all the wrong places at the wrong time? Max is a young man in Poland who finds himself conscripted into the military prior to World War Two. His ability to speak a number of foreign languages and cook bring him to the attention of the High Command. A number of this elite group take a liking to him and he winds up learning things that most soldiers cannot even phantom, amongst them is the skills of a spy. When the war breaks out, Max uses these skills against the Germans; but in his travels, he discovers that they are not his only adversaries. Max begins to ask questions that no one wants to answer. In his quest to find these answers, he uncovers the true secrets of the war. The question then becomes who he can trust. Especially when it seems like everyone is trying to kill him to keep there dirty little secrets. Robert got his start in the writing arena by designing computer system and producing reams and reams of documentation. There is nothing more boring than a technical manual. So he would try to throw in something humorous from time to time to keep the reader from falling asleep. Then when his wife heard his stories about Max's war time experiences, she felt that he should write a book about them.
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ISBN: 9781633020108
ISBN-10: 163302010X
Publisher: Total Publishing and Media
Publication Date: September 8th, 2014
Pages: 354
Language: English