Jung's Red Book for Our Time: Searching for Soul Under Postmodern Conditions Volume 4 (Paperback)

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The spiritual malaise regnant in today's disenchanted world presents a picture of "a polar night of icy darkness," as Max Weber wrote already a century ago. This collective dark night of the soul is driven by climate change-related disasters, rapid technological innovations, and opaque geostra­tegic realign­ments. In the wake of what policy analysts refer to as "Westlessness," the post­modern age is characterized by incessant distractions, urgent calls to responsibility, and in-humanly short deadlines, which result in a general state of exhaustion and burnout. The hovering sense of living in a time frame that is post-histoire induces states of confusion on a personal level as well as in the realm of politics. Totally missing is a grand nar­rative to guide humanity's vision.

Thinkers, scholars, and Jungian analysts are increasingly looking to C.G. Jung's monu­mental oeuvre, The Red Book, as a source for guidance to re-enchant the world and to find a new and deeper under­standing of the homo religiosus. The essays in this series on Jung's Red Book for Our Time: Searching for Soul under Postmodern Conditions circle around this objective and offer countless points of entry into this inspiring work.

This is the fourth volume of a multi-volume series set up on a global and multicultural level and includes essays from the following distinguished Jungian analysts and scholars:

  • Murray Stein and Thomas Arzt: Introduction
  • Robert M. Mercurio: The Red Book and our Contemporary Crises: Active Imagination, Mass Migration and Climate Change
  • Heike Weis Hyder: The Burning Urgency of Psychodynamic Discoveries in The Red Book for Psychiatry and Psycho­therapy: A Key for Healing-Resonance of Soul, Love and Life
  • Maria Helena R. Mandacar Guerra: Jung's Red Book as a Healing Symbol for Our Time
  • Thomas Moore: A Book of Magic: Jung's Red Book and the Tradition of Natural Magic
  • Bruce MacLennan: Liber Novus sed non Ultimus: Neoplatonic Theurgy for Our Time
  • Gary Clark: Integrating the Archaic and the Modern: The Red Book, Visual Cognitive Modali­ties and the Neuro­science of Altered States of Consciousness
  • John Merchant: The Red Book as Jung's Asclepiadean
  • John Ryan Haule: Jung comes back to Himself
  • Henning Weyerstrass: C.G. Jung and the Creative Unconscious
  • Becca Tarnas: The Participatory Imagination
  • Dale Kushner: In Extremis: Jung's Descent into the Language of the Self
  • Karin Jironet: On the Divine and Eternal Solitude of the Star: Jung's Seven Sermons Mirrored to Sufi Mysticism
  • Katie Givens Kime: "So Long As We Are Not Mystics" What the Personal Art of William James and C.G. Jung Give Us Now
  • Christian Gaillard: The Red Book in Venice
  • Kiley Q. Laughlin: The Red Book: A Premodern Graphic Novelty
  • Mark Winborn: Liber Novus and the Metaphorical Psyche: Revisioning The Red Book
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