Unspoken Sermons - Series I, II, and III (Hardcover)

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In this 3 series of Unspoken Sermons, George MacDonald states his theological views and among other things. The work itself is a Christian classic spoken of highly by C.S. Lewis. In his introduction to George MacDonald: An Anthology, C. S. Lewis wrote of MacDonald's theology: "This collection, as I have said, was designed not to revive MacDonald's literary reputation but to spread his religious teaching. Hence most of my extracts are taken from the three volumes of "Unspoken Sermons." My own debt to this book is almost as great as one man can owe to another: and nearly all serious inquirers to whom I have introduced it acknowledge that it has given them great help-sometimes indispensable help toward the very acceptance of the Christian faith." Never one to shy away from a difficulty, MacDonald explores some of the most challenging and perplexing passages in the Gospels, each time rising to newer heights in his elucidation of the mysteries of Gods Love.
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Publication Date: June 17th, 2011
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