The Women Who Loved Jesus: The Untold Story of the Women’s Evangelistic Corps (Paperback)

The Women Who Loved Jesus: The Untold Story of the Women’s Evangelistic Corps By Donna D'Ingillo Cover Image
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An astounding new claim about Jesus was first made in 1955: that he had commissioned twelve female apostles. Its source was The Urantia Book. Now, a newer source builds on that revelation, unveiling each one of the inspiring stories of these courageous women apostles.

Our world is ready for the untold stories of the twelve female apostles commissioned by Jesus. The Bible mentions only a few of these women, but never refers to them as apostles. Only in 1955 was the role of these female counterparts to the male apostles revealed in The Urantia Book, a profound modern text that has gone on to sell over a million copies worldwide. This detailed new account corrects and supplements the New Testament's record for our global era. It stuns readers by explaining how Jesus’s attitude toward women was “the most astonishing and the most revolutionary feature of [his] mission on earth,” leading him to break with Hebrew tradition by appointing a women corps. Now, many decades later, we’ve been gifted with an even more expanded account of Jesus’s work with his most devoted female followers. The Women Who Loved Jesus shares inspiring new details of this long-suppressed story thanks to the eye-witness narrations provided by each of his dozen female apostles. Each woman steps forward to tell her story of how Jesus preached their spiritual equality with men, transformed their personal lives, and ordained them as a teachers and ministers of the gospel. For the first time, we see Jesus through the eyes of his most fervent women followers, and we also learn how their ministry—designed to be complemental to that of the male apostles—focused on creating a social network of healing and compassion. The task of the female apostolic corps was to create an environment for teaching and for healing at all levels through a variety of techniques Jesus personally supervised. Read this book to discover how these women laid the spiritual, energetic, and social foundation for the Christian church. Their messages to us are both universal and timely, as women all over the world are finally taking their rightful place as ministers, healers, and religious teachers.  

About the Author

Donna D'Ingillo is a lifelong student of The Urantia Book and one of the first full-time ministers of the expanded gospel of Jesus based on the Urantia Revelation. She has been a renowned pioneer in celestial contact for over three decades, and is also the founder and executive director of the Institute for Christ Consciousness, based in Delray Beach, Florida. In addition to an extensive spiritual healing and counseling ministry with individuals, she conducts workshops and seminars and hosts popular online worship, prayer, and global healing sessions each week. Donna’s previous acclaimed titles are Teach Us to Love (Origin Press, 2011) and Divine Mother, Divine Father (Origin Press, 2016).  
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