When Robots Kill: Military Radiology on the Western Front During the Great War (Hardcover)

When Robots Kill: Military Radiology on the Western Front During the Great War Cover Image
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The growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) software and robots in the commercial, industrial, military, medical, and personal spheres has triggered a broad conversation about human relationships with these entities. There is a deep and common concern in modern society about AI technology and the ability of existing social and legal arrangements to cope with it. What are the legal ramifications if an AI software program or robotic entity causes harm? Although AI and robotics are making their way into everyday modern life, there is little comprehensive analysis about assessing liability for robots, machines, or software that exercise varying degrees of autonomy.
Gabriel Hallevy develops a general and legally sophisticated theory of the criminal liability for AI and robotics that covers the manufacturer, programmer, user, and all other entities involved. Identifying and selecting analogous principles from existing criminal law, Hallevy proposes specific ways of thinking through criminal liability for a diverse array of autonomous technologies in a diverse set of circumstances.

About the Author

GABRIEL HALLEVY is professor of criminal law and criminal justice at the Faculty of Law, Ono Academic College.
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ISBN: 9781555538019
ISBN-10: 1555538010
Publisher: Northeastern University Press
Publication Date: April 9th, 2013
Pages: 264
Language: English