Home Runs for Heaven (Paperback)

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Patrick Zimmermann died of Niemann-Pick Type C, an extremely rare and incurable disease that affects the brain, the spleen, and the liver. His unshakeable faith and hope in heaven while facing his own death inspired the writing of this book. Home Runs for Heaven: A Story of God's Faithfulness Told in Two Voices combines two experiences of the same story to help those who are grieving the loss of a family member. This book describes the lessons learned by author Cindy Kay Zimmermann and her husband Steve Zimmermann from their sixteen-year-old son as he died from Niemann-Pick Type C. The first voice is that of Cindy Kay Zimmermann, sharing the perspective of a grieving family member. Pastor Gary McCusker provides the second voice. He describes how he and the Zimmermann's church family helped to guide them through the valley of the shadow of death. Here, Pastor McCusker provides valuable insights and practical tips for pastors serving families in crisis. Moved by the need to help others going through the same process she was, Cindy and Pastor Gary were inspired to share their experiences. The authors' hope is that in reading Patrick's story, others will be able to see the miracle of God's faithfulness all around them, as they face trials and grief in their own lives. Whether you are suffering your own personal loss or seeking to help those who have lost a loved one, Home Runs for Heaven can help. These two voices create a duality of perspectives to help those suffering from loss.
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ISBN: 9781545664421
ISBN-10: 1545664420
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: March 30th, 2019
Pages: 178
Language: English