Kundalini: The Art of Kundalini Awakening (Paperback)

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Your Kundalini Awakening Experience Starts Right Here

As a spiritual seeker, you attracted this concept of Kundalini awakening into your life as part of your own spiritual journey. This book is meant to serve as an all-inclusive guide to the knowledge of a Kundalini awakening so that you will have the capability to awaken it, and recognize its presence in your life. It is my hope that by the end of this book, you will depart with knowledge of Kundalini's historical context, a thorough understanding of what it means, why it is important, how it is awakened, and a strong comprehension of the results, advantages and even the potential side effects of this type of awakening. This book will also examine some of the scientific facts that support Kundalini's existence, and its potential to assist you, in your journey through life after experiencing this awakening for yourself.

This book presents not only the great advantages of a Kundalini awakening, but it also describes the potential dangers, as to provide a fair and balanced approach. It features the facts found throughout history, an explanation of what the experience is like, and a comprehensive approach in regards to how you can channel and retain the awakened state within you. I hope to provide you with a clear understanding of how and why this experience might be relevant to you. I will also address some of the observations that have been seen over the course of thousands of years, ever since this energy was first mentioned in religious texts. I will also provide tips and suggestions for how to prevent a potentially harmful spiritual awakening, which might occur if you are not prepared for this powerful experience. Let this book serve as your personal guide throughout your spiritual journey.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

Kundalini History and Origin
The Meaning of Kundalini
Kundalini Awakening Benefits and Power
How to Awaken Kundalini
Kundalini Tips and Suggestions
The Signs of a Kundalini Awakening
Life After a Kundalini Awakening
Potential Side Effects of Kundalini
And Much More

Knowledge is the First Step Towards Kundalini Awakening, and You Can Start Right Now With This Book
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