Low Carb: Proven Low Carb Homemade Cookbook That Will Help You Lose Weight Without Starving! (Paperback)

Low Carb: Proven Low Carb Homemade Cookbook That Will Help You Lose Weight Without Starving! Cover Image
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Are you looking towards type 2 diabetes reversal and other health benefits? Do you want to know the best low carb diet to follow? Or the common mistakes to avoid in low carb dieting? Then a low-carb diet could be right for you. Inside this book, you will learn: 1) The basics of low carb diets 2) How low carb diets work 3) The proven medical and health benefits of low carb diets 4) How to avoid the most common mistakes associated with low carb dieting 5) The most effective ways of to go on a low carb dieting 6) The general approaches to a low carb diet 7) Proven low carb homemade cookbook that will help you lose weight without starving. 8) Why you should choose low carb dieting over low carb dieting. 9) The low carb shopping list for beginners. 10) How to start low carb dieting the right way. Just like the name suggests, this book centers on the consumption of very low amounts of starches and sugars like bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, fruits, and desserts, and encourages he intake of high amounts of proteins and natural fats like meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, cream, and butter. This book will teach you how restrict sugary foods, and starches like pasta or bread and replace with delicious and real foods like protein, natural fats and vegetables. This book explains how you can eat as much as you want, while decreasing your blood sugar and cholesterol and losing weight What are you waiting for? Scroll up and grab your copy now.

About the Author

Long before she became a renowned self-development, fitness, and health expert, Dr.Hanna Parkes used to be on the receiving end. She battled eating disorders in her teens and was cyber bullied due to her weight problem. Her negative experiences during her childhood years became her one of her sole motivation to address the problem and seek professional help. On her road to recovery, she dedicated a huge amount of her time and energy learning and educating herself on self-development and staying mentally and physically healthy to build up her self-esteem. At the young age 23, she earned herself a degree in Nutrition Science and worked her way to achieving a Master Degree and Ph.D. in the same field a few years later. At age 36, Dr. Parks now lives with her husband, Dr. Gerard Parkes, a doctorate degree holder in Naturopathic Medicine. The couple has dedicated over a decade of their lives living from one continent to another educating and sharing their expertise with local communities around the world. Some of their campaigns include obesity awareness and improving self image. They have also trained a number of health enthusiasts and have established about a dozen clinics offering alternative medicine in three different continents. She is also actively writing a series of books in her vision to widen her reach and help educate more people across the globe. Dr. Hanna Parkes and her husband are currently back in her hometown of Chicago, where they vow to continue to help individuals who are struggling with eating disorders and weight problems. Starting this year, she intends to set up boot camps in the summer that will train young adolescents on how to take care of themselves better and improve their self image.
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ISBN: 9781537501260
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Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 5th, 2016
Pages: 90
Language: English