Descriptive Words for Writers: People (Paperback)

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Are you struggling to describe a character? Stuck trying to figure out what to make him do during a dialogue? Then this thesaurus is for you.

Descriptive Words for Writers: People is designed to help you write descriptive sentences by giving you the vocabulary you need to evoke the senses (sight, sound, smell, touch and taste).

This book covers VISUAL descriptors:
-Masculine and Feminine traits
-Hair styles and color (as well as what you can do to your hair)
-Facial hair
-Body type/ shape
-Describing imperfections

This book covers SOUND descriptors:
-Tones for both men and women
-Dialogue tags

This book covers SCENT descriptors:
-Fragrances/Scents for Women
-Colognes/Scents for Men/

This book covers TOUCH descriptors:
-Skin, hair, and food

This book covers TASTE descriptors:
-Fruits, veggies, drinks

This book covers ACTION descriptors:
-How people move (walking, running)
-How people eat and drink
-Things people can do while having a dialogue

Keep this reference book handy and use it to create a more engaging manuscript.

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