Mind Over Head Chatter 6 Week Course to Athletic Success (Paperback)

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Ever thought that being a successful athlete boiled down to nothing more than talent? Have you found yourself buckling under the pressure of being an athlete and giving in to the self-doubt and anxiety that may be clouding your mind?That's precisely why you should be glad you picked up this Mind Over Head Chatter companion course UPON COMPLETION OF THIS SIX-WEEK COURSE, YOU'LL KNOW HOW TO:1. Ignite your passion so you can go after your goals.2. Achieve a winning mindset - the kind that can help you become mentally tough when you need it the most.3. Have the kind of support group that will help you remain confident and motivated, no matter the circumstances.4. Set the most powerful goals on your journey to athletic success.5. Create a personal highlight reel of your achievements, accomplishments and wins in life.6. Emulate the greatest athletes, from their mental toughness to their discipline and determination.IN THIS COURSE, WE WILL COVER THE FOLLOWING TOPICS: -Week One: Building Your Passion -Week Two: Building Your Social Support-Week Three: Creating Your Personal Highlight Reel-Week Four: How To Set Powerful Goals-Week Five: Building Your Mental Toughness-Week Six: How to Emulate Great Athletes.
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ISBN: 9781515177265
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Publication Date: August 9th, 2015
Pages: 52
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