The Covert Narcissist: The Quite Side of Narcissistic Personality. Signs, Causes and How Respond (Hardcover)

The Covert Narcissist: The Quite Side of Narcissistic Personality. Signs, Causes and How Respond Cover Image
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Have you started a romantic relationship and realized that something is wrong with your partner's behavior?Did you think he was a charming person and instead you discovered his anaffective and anything but empathic nature?He/she insistently asks to be humored and the first 'disconfirmation' proves an excessive touchiness that leads him/her to retreat?If the answer is yes, you are in a relationship with a Covert Narcissist.

When you are with a Covert Narcissist, you will find yourself a victim of his manipulative ways, in fact, it is difficult to identify a covert narcissist rather than an overt or extroverted narcissist.

Reeling under the impact of a covert narcissist.

By the time you realize you're in a toxic relationship, you'll be used to emotional accusations, shame, and other abusive actions. You will get to a stage where you will begin to questioning your own perceptions and decisions and succumb to the manipulation tactics of your narcissist partner.

You will come to believe that your abilities, talents, etc. are totally ignored.

All this will end up making you feel small, insignificant, and irrelevant.

Emotional pain and unhealthy interactions can stifle you, making you the victim of "energetic vampirization", making your life hell.

Is there a way out of this miserable existence?

This book is an effort to help you deal effectively with a covert narcissist and regain control that you have lost.

How to recognize them?

It is not always easy to discover them if you don't enter into a meaningful relationship emotionally.

With this essay, you will benefit in many ways including:

◆Understanding the narcissistic personality

◆Discover signs to recognize if a person is covert narcissistic

◆Knowing the various negative impacts that a relationship with a narcissist can bring

◆Understanding family dynamics when one of the parents is narcissistic

◆Learn to recognize narcissistic abuse and deal it with effectively

◆Leave the toxic relationship and regain control over your life

◆Gain confidence in your efforts to recognize narcissistic behavior in your partner

◆Take the necessary measures to be free from manipulative behavior

◆Strengthen the confidence in yourself so you can face a narcissist

◆Get away from the toxic relationship, protect yourself and heal.

Remember that the negative impact you are subjected to is in no way related to anything you have done or said, narcissists, behave negatively because they have an unhealthy emotional component that needs to be treated properly.

Read this book to know the possibilities you have for a life after a relationship with a narcissist.

It's not gonna be easy, but believe me, you're gonna make it.

Take the first step

Start now

Inside the book, you will also find a free guide, with 10 smart tips.

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