King Kamehameha The Great: King of the Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii History, A Biography (Paperback)

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People say that you can't truly understand a man unless you've walked a mile in his shoes. How would that ideology apply to a nation? What if it were one man who seemingly built a nation? Many would say one person shouldering so much responsibility would be cruel. Others say this would be the way of honor. Yet, for one man, this was the truth of his life. That man was King Kamehameha. He was born under a prophecy that would control the course of his life and set forth into motion the future of a kingdom that would affect the entire world. Hidden away from the age of four until the age of majority, he was taught the warrior ways of his people, unaware that every event in his life was to lay groundwork for him to rule one day. He was born destined to be the king that would trample all other kings.Upon assuming control of the lands inherited by him, Kamehameha used his unparalleled intelligence and skills of the time to begin immediately fulfilling the prophecy that surrounded his birth. However, his goal was not always greatness. His goal was peace and prosperity for his subjects. Many of the battles he fought began over revenge for injustices done to him or his extended family. All he wanted was peace. Yet, had he not sought his honorable ways, Hawaii would have never been the state it was. Many people know of Hawaii for its beauty and as a tropical destination hotspot. But, very few know that Hawaii was single-handedly responsible for cornering the market on the sandalwood trade, which funded Kamehameha's quest for peace. Without him, Hawaii never would have been unified under one rule. This would have left the Hawaiian Islands open to be conquered by the visiting Europeans who began arriving in the late 1700s. Kamehameha was also a stout traditionalist. His "Law of the Splintered Paddle" has transcended time and was later incorporated into the Constitution of Hawaii. As you peruse the pages of this book, you will see how King Kamehameha rose from birth to death and became one of the greatest monarchs of time. Discover how in one generation, all a man's achievements can be overturned, but his legacy will continue.
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