Burn Injuries in Child Abuse (Paperback)

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Our most defenseless children are the most likely to be burned intentionally. Child abuse burn victims are almost always under the age of 10 with the majority under the age of 2. Immediateidentification of intentional burn victims by those individuals first responding to the call for assistance is crucial because most of the victims are unable to speak for themselves. It is alsoimportant that responsible caretakers not be unjustly accused.In this guide you will find information that will assist you to distinguish intentional burns from accidental contact with hot objects. Burn Injuries in Child Abuse provides both guidance ondetermining the veracity of a caretaker's report by re-creating the incident and a burn evidence worksheet for use at the scene of an investigation. Information regarding the distinctions between immersion and contact burns is also included.It is our hope that information in this guide will be of use to law enforcement as we all work to protect our children.
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ISBN: 9781507631195
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Publication Date: January 20th, 2015
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