Common Sense: The People's Amendment (Paperback)

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Over two hundred years old, the United States Constitution remains the backbone of our democratic republic. It is the foundation of who we are as a people, and sets high standards for government and the well-being of its citizens. In recent years our Constitution has been altered so completely that our founding fathers would barely recognize it as their own. With this in mind, "Common Sense: A People's Amendment" was drafted by ordinary citizens to create a united vision and standard based on the intent of the original document. The amendment contains nearly 300 items designed to repair government's posture towards its citizens and the environment, addressing campaign, lobby, and election reform, constitutional and human rights, rights to privacy, rights of the commons, our responsibility to the earth and our environment, and the regulation of federal agencies and corporations. "Common Sense: A People's Amendment" consolidates progressive goals under a common banner, creating strength in unity.
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ISBN: 9781450764971
ISBN-10: 1450764975
Publisher: Illuminata Publishers
Publication Date: March 1st, 2011
Pages: 158
Language: English