We Believe: 30 Days to Understanding Our Heritage (Paperback)

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We Believe is the most definitive book to understanding our American heritage. It is designed to be a quick and easy way for Americans to understand what we, as a nation, believe and the core values upon which our great country was built and continues to thrive on. It is a powerful 30-day tutorial to understanding what our Founding Fathers believed, coupled with the erudite wisdom from subsequent generations, in the hopes of making us all better-informed Americans. Readers are taken on an historical journey from the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution to the Bill of Rights to the words of modern-day bearers of our American heritage and echoes with the voices of great leaders including Madison, Jefferson, Lincoln, JFK, Dr. King, President Reagan, and others-and how their words shaped, and continue to shape, our futures. They will be inspired by the thoughts, ideas and writings of these great leaders and infused with a sense of responsibility to preserve those very same American values for future generations.

About the Author

Jack Watts is a marketing executive who lives in Atlanta, working primarily with non-profit organizations and book publishers. David Dunham is CEO of The Dunham Group, a publishing and entertainment company based in Nashville. He works with authors, actors, artists and entrepreneurs to help build their brands through book publishing, television, film, licensing, product development and corporate endorsements.
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ISBN: 9781450735780
ISBN-10: 1450735789
Publisher: Dunham Books
Publication Date: November 19th, 2010
Pages: 208
Language: English