Prolific Screenwriter: A Simple Five-Step-Reformatting Technique that turns your outlines into screenplays. (Paperback)

Prolific Screenwriter: A Simple Five-Step-Reformatting Technique that turns your outlines into screenplays. By Karl J. Niemiec Cover Image
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5 out of 5 stars. By eiggjohn - Amazon Verified Purchase. "I found this to be a very helpful addition to my 'Screenplay How to Books'. It takes a little while to grasp the concept but once grasped it is always to be remembered. Plus, by using this formula it does leave time for other things in life. A great companion to all screenwriting howto books."

"Finally, a no-nonsense handbook for getting a first draft done." Mary McIntyre Brown Writer/Producer - Pentacom Productions.

How to be a Prolific Screenwriter is a simple five-step-formatting technique that turns your outlines and books into screenplays and stage plays. It is a great writing tool for students of all ages. It is a comprehensive accessory to all screenplay and stage play writing books, software, and classes for both new and experienced writers. It helps eliminate the fear of the blank page forever.

By the end of this book, you can read "The Night Before Halloween" the script that got me my first Hollywood Agent and you'll understand why everyone can write screenplays and stage plays this way. If you are an agent, manager, or teacher who would like to see your clients or students become more prolific, send them a copy of Prolific Screenwriter today.

To use this simple Five-Step Reformatting Technique a writer will need a computer. This book is designed to speed up the scriptwriting process allowing the writer to get more ideas into screenplay structure in less time. Those proficient with the screenplay page and story structure will find this reformatting technique extremely helpful. For those of you who aren't familiar with screenplay page structure, I recommend using Final Draft. For the professional screenwriter shackled by writing other people's visions -- this technique will help fulfill your fruitfulness and free up your time to work on your projects. If you're in film school this book could keep you sane, leave you time to study, and give you hope.

The faster you type the faster this technique will work. The more you know about screenplay structure the more this technique will work. The better storyteller you are the better this technique will work. For those of you who are using similar formulas that deal with complete outlines, you're in luck. This book is for you. Happy Writing. Karl J. Niemiec.

About the Author

After journalism school at the University of Detroit, hitching around America writing journals, and screenwriting classes at UCLA Extension, I spent 30 years surviving Hollywood developing a Prolific Screenwriter Process so others wouldn't have to come to LA without one. After a job at Double Day Book Store in Beverly Hills where I studied the history of Hollywood, I got my first showbiz gig as a mail clerk at ABC. There, I studied the film library. I trained with in-house editors in film and video. I also acted on General Hospital and Welcome Back Kotter while being taught by the writing staffs to write outlines. I worked as a PA on Olivia Newton John MOWs, and sat on sets from Wonder Woman to Charlie's Angles to watch directors work. I also got my SAG card and blown up in a tank in an Army Training film because, being a country boy, I could skin a rabbit. I later pulled cable for Sam Peckinpah, worked in the art department for the Scott brothers, stared in and directed my own scripts, and optioned or sold seven others. I even wrote for Alex Karris (Detroit Lions) and rewrote Harry Kleiner who wrote Bullit. Along the way, I won local and international screenplay and play contests, and also had films shown in film festivals and on cable around the world. I've spent hours telling stories with Steven Spielberg, Quincy Jones and George Lucas at Steven's home. I was Mike Ovitz's private event person in his home CAA meetings. I deep-sea fished with Dustin Hoffman and Dabney Colman. I told jokes with Harrison Ford and Francis Ford Coppola at dinner. I worked for President Reagan, Barbara Streisand, Frank Wells, Jeffery Katzenberg and Stan Lee at their homes. I also pitched MOWs at Paramount, and helped Orson Wells and Charlton Heston buy books. With all that I've learned from typing 32 screenplays and books, I finally achieved what I came to Hollywood to do. I created a very simple writing process and put it into my book, Prolific Screenwriter. Hopefully it will help others come to LA with an armful of first drafts, instead of a head full of ideas. Through it all, I even attained a childhood dream of creating a novel series, Jozeph Picasso Alien Trilogy, based on my true Hollywood adventures. Was it all worth it? Yes, every single moment. I love writing. Having a writing process like Prolific Screenwriter has helped me keep it fun and find time to have a family. I can only hope it helps you find that same joy of writing in your writing adventures.
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