Gone Through Many Doors in My Life (Paperback)

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My name is Saundra L. Mathis Copeland, the author of Gone Through Many Doors In My Life and the owner of Saundra's Royal Fashion's. My specialty is original hat designs for both male & female. I'm a very hard working woman who keeps it real, a mother of two beautiful daughters and currently residing in Dorchester, MA. I was inspired to write this book back in the early '90s. I had so much to express inside that sometimes I could not verbally convey it. What really inspired me to write was the negative experiences and challenges of living in a Boston Housing Authority Development in South Boston, MA. A Caucasian woman from the South Boston newspaper came by my apartment one morning after she heard about the racism in South Boston and she inquired about how I felt about living there. I shared the many storms we had to deal with. She ask for my permission to write an article about me and my daughters in the paper. After talking with her I thought about it, and said I'll write my own story, "Betta yet, let me write a book." I thought about how many doors I've gone through in my life. I knew I had to move out of the complex and the thought came to my mind Doors. Recently, in 2006 I continued writing while living in Houston, Texas. I said, "I've gone through many doors in my life" and I knew I had many more doors to go through. Hoping it became easier, it was a healing process for me to write it out. So here it is to share, and help from me to you. - Saundra.
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ISBN: 9781432796341
ISBN-10: 1432796348
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: August 21st, 2013
Pages: 138
Language: English