Women of Inspiration: We Are - We Will - We Can (Paperback)

Women of Inspiration: We Are - We Will - We Can By Jr. Reynolds, David L. Cover Image
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"Women of Inspiration" is about the momentous achievements, contributions, patience, devotion, sound execution, a exceptional fortitude. Women of today and the past, who in spite of continuous hardships was determined to stay at the course. The women of this book are varied individuals from saintly- to the- powerful, from poor, to- the- rich, famous, not-so-famous and first to achieve. It offers a lesson for you today, and to anyone who wishes to formulate a book report or plainly having the knowledge and history of women achievements. The stories are of their family, early childhood, education, accomplishments. You can embrace the truths despite their up's-downs, or public opinion. These "intriguing and inspirational women" are:
Oprah Winfrey
Michelle LaVaughn Obama
Aretha Franklin
Coretta Scott King
Marian Anderson
Nancy Pelosi
Barbara Walters
Antoinette L Brown
Madeleine Albright
Mahalia Jackson
Whoopi Goldberg
Condoleezza Rice
Hillary Rodman Clinton
Diana Ross
Toni Morrison
Margaret "Meg" Whitman
Martha Stewart
Maggie L. Walker
Daisy Bates
Dorothy Height
Anne Geraldine Ferraro
Jane M. Bolin
Rosa L. Parks
Sarah E. Goode
Sarah Breedlove Walker
Shirley Chisholm
Janet Reno
Mariah Carey
Meg Jemison
Carol Moseley-Braun
Barbara Jordan
Catherine Hughes
Billie Jean King
Yolanda Adams
Harriett Tubman
Margaret Chase Smith
Sandra Day O'Connor
Sally K. Ride
Shirley Caesar
Maya Angelou
Althea Gibson
Sojourner Truth
Venus Williams
Serena Williams
And many others.
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