From Homosexuality to Christ: The Freedom from Being Gay (Paperback)

From Homosexuality to Christ: The Freedom from Being Gay By Jr. Minter, D. D. Apostle Richard Cover Image
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Defining Life in Him, through Him, and because of Him
Have you been in denial about your lifestyle? If so, it's time to come clean and get real In From Homosexuality to Christ, the author shares his personal struggles with homosexuality and how he reconciled his lifestyle with the church's teachings.
I never felt like it was wrong because as far as I can remember it felt normal and right-until I met Jesus Christ. The Lord showed me through His Word that homosexuality was just sin like any other sin. He also showed me that I could change through the help of God. I learned that God loves me no matter what.

God loves mankind and created all in the likeness of His own image. Let's stop destroying-through bias, judgment, and criticism- what He has created, and experience the profound love God has for us all.

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ISBN: 9781432749521
ISBN-10: 1432749528
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: April 20th, 2010
Pages: 84
Language: English