Channing Pollock: Master of Magic (Hardcover)

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The late 20th century showcased some of the top names in magic. However, one name created mythical status as if molded from clay by the hands of the Almighty. With movie star good looks, he became the most influential conjurer of all time. Women wanted to be with him and men wanted to be him. That man... Channing Pollock.

Pollock forever changed the art of magic as we know it. His influence has gone beyond even the Suave Deceiver himself. Though many have manipulated cards in the Cardini style, there is one organic prop that has transcended time and that is the living embodiment of grace and sophistication. The majestic bird of peace... the dove.

Just like those avian creatures, Channing himself oozed grace and sophistication. Even though dove magic did not begin with him, it seemed that with his first appearance on Ed Sullivan's Toast of the Town, the world took notice and forever linked his name with those white feathery creatures.

When making the movie the Prestige, Hugh Jackman said that he modeled his character's style after Channing. Chan's career was extraordinary, his life story was complex and humbling. The Hero's Journal for Pollock was not an easy one. But in the end, he returned the boon to the region of his birth for others to prosper from his experience.

This long overdue book was many years in the making. Researched with care, the author Michael Pascoe weaved this tale of the life story of a shy undersized young lad from Sacramento, California, into the confident six foot four man that commanded any and every room he entered.

A complete biography of the Master of Magic, Channing Pollock

572 pages

Over 425 illustrations

About 120 in color

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ISBN: 9781088091661
ISBN-10: 1088091660
Publisher: Michael Pascoe
Publication Date: October 16th, 2023
Pages: 576
Language: English