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THIRTY-THREE MILES FROM WASHINGTON IS BASED on never-before-revealed evidence discovered at an abandoned log cabin in Comus, Maryland on October 22, 2005. Mr. McRoy an American physicist is the first recorded scientist to link the supernatural realm with the realm of physics. TD McRoy, chronicles how his team of researchers discovered a treasure trove of unclaimed historical clues hidden within three original photographs from the October 22, 2005 incident. Although the groups' claims are truly fantastic, the information that is shared in this book shall act as only the springboard to a potential scientific breakthrough in quantum mechanics. Since the completion of this book, members of CPI Investigations, have made great advancements in the realm of quantum studies. The organizations' second breakthrough came when TD McRoy broke an incomplete quantum code that led to the development of the Iroquois Technology. The Iroquois Technology is a complex computer program that identifies human-like quantum particles within raw-film footage, otherwise undetectable to the naked eye. As a result of CPI's advancements, a new vision of history has been discovered that seems to link the father of America, George Washington, to the Ark of the Covenant mystery. The research tells of a biblical tale suggesting that King George the Second originally sought to obtain the power of the Ark of the Covenant. It was British parliament who would secretly order the Ark to America where George Washington concealed the vessel in Maryland farm country, based on a riddle, thirty-three miles from Washington. As Chief Executive Director for CPI investigations, TD McRoy admits that a decade of research is an insignificant period of time to make any lasting claims to prove the existence of an afterlife. Nor, is he ready to confirm positive identification to many of the Civil War soldiers that's been compared to known historical figures seen in this book. For your pleasure, Mr. McRoy has provided seventy full-color photographic images in this book alone. However, TD admits to being completely baffled by two figures he omitted from this publication that came directly as a result of the Iroquois technology. The two figures were discovered on two separate pieces of film and has left him and his organization muddled by what's being displayed. The images are quite faint and not ready for public display. Conversely, if the initial predictions are correct for both images. CPI may be the first research organization in history to capture a quantum image of a Neanderthal who most-likely roamed the planet some 200,000 years ago. This quantum image was only to be outdone when CPI discovered the faint visage of what strongly appears to be a 75 million-year-old display of a Velociraptor dinosaur. The characteristics of the quantum creature, seems to display similar known features from the Cretaceous Period. The head looks long and narrow, with a somewhat flattened snout. Images, like these and many others, the groups' plan is to share those incredible discoveries with CPI Investigators who take part in the open-source research project at www.comusparanormalinvestigations.org.

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ISBN: 9780998996691
ISBN-10: 0998996696
Publisher: CPI Investigations
Publication Date: September 7th, 2017
Pages: 164
Language: English