Don't Forget Your Crown: Self-Love Has Everything to Do with It. (Paperback)

Don't Forget Your Crown: Self-Love Has Everything to Do with It. Cover Image
By Jaxn
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Dating frustrates you, relationships have failed you, Happily ever after eludes you, and having to start all over again scares you, but why? Because your entire life, you were taught to love everyone else, even your enemies, but you were never taught to truly love yourself. Don't Forget Your Crown puts the power in your hands to change that by bringing every aspect of relationships back to what the foundation should have been from the beginning; self-love. This is not a bunch of so-called secrets to a man's heart or a guide to becoming a chick magnet for men. This is a sift through society's unrealistic expectations, well-intended but understandably biased advice from your friends, pressure from your family, guilt from your imperfections, and pain from those who've hurt you so you can finally retrieve your crown and place it back where it belongs; on you, and in plain sight for the one meant for you so you can finally stop this recycle of hard-learned lessons and get on with the building of your empire with the love of your life.
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ISBN: 9780991033676
ISBN-10: 0991033671
Publisher: Derrick Jaxn
Publication Date: October 2nd, 2018
Pages: 198
Language: English