Daniel's Prophecies Unsealed: Understanding the Time of the End (Paperback)

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"Go your way Daniel, because the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end...none of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand." (Daniel 12:9-10)

The Archangel Michael told Daniel that the prophecies would be sealed until the time of the end. Discover how the prophecies in the book of Daniel are being unsealed in the events taking place today.

Since Daniel was told that the wise will understand the message and lead many to righteousness, while the wicked will not grasp its meaning and will continue in their wickedness, it is imperative for everyone living in these end times to diligently examine and attempt to comprehend the vital message Daniel has recorded for us.

Daniel's visions were given for those living at the time of the end. The wise will diligently search the word of the Lord and ask for wisdom in order to understand God's plan as outlined in Daniel's five visions.

1) Daniel 2 - Covers the entire time of the Gentiles from 605-6 BC when the first dispersion of the Jews (Diaspora) took place until the time in the very near future when a remnant will flee from the persecution under the Antichrist for 31/2 years.

2) Daniel 7 - The four beasts in chapter 7 are different from the four kingdoms in chapter 2. They represent four nations that arise at the time of the end just prior to the second coming of Christ. Two of the four beasts have already surfaced (Great Britain and Russia), and the two remaining beasts: the Arab coalition of countries and the alliance of the United States and Europe are about to emerge on the world scene.

3) Daniel 8 - Daniel's little horn in this chapter corresponds with the false prophet in the book of Revelation. This deceitful person will destroy many by peace and cause everyone to worship the coming Antichrist.

4) Daniel 9 - God's extended period of grace was shown to the Jewish people over a period of 70 weeks of years or 490 years (7 x 70). Discover the wonderful message God has for all of humanity in one of the most misunderstood Scriptures concerning the latter days. This vision reflects God's unlimited forgiveness Jesus brings to anyone who will call upon Him.

5) Daniel 10-12 - The final vision of the time of the end, which was delivered by the preincarnate Christ, covers the final 31/2 years before the second coming of Christ. Discover important startling events that the Prophet Daniel tells us are about to take place as these end time prophecies are fulfilled before our eyes.

When Jesus came the first time, the wise men of the day were aware of His soon arrival and they were actively looking for Him. Daniel's visions were given in order for people to know what to expect during these lasts days. Jesus is coming again very soon. Now, more than ever, we must prepare. We need to ask ourselves if we are really ready. Just as important, are we helping others prepare? Today, those who are wise will be passionately sharing this message and helping others prepare. Those doing so will "shine like the stars forever and ever."

May the Lord grant us a heart of wisdom to understand the time we are living in so we can prepare for what lies ahead

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